“Any sufficiently advanced technology is

indistinguishable from magic.”

-Arthur C. Clarke

Students at MIT have invented a world-changing device:  the Sixth Sense.  Their invention harnesses inorganic digital information and connects it to people in a more organic way, making computerized information completely accessible anywhere at any time.  Less than a foot in length and light-weight, the instrument allows its user to digitally paint on walls, scan grocery items to find the most eco-friendly options (by displaying a red, yellow, or green light on said potential purchase), scan books at the bookstore to read online reviews or search for other pertinent information on the tome), take pictures (saving them to later be reframed/resized on any surface), turning paper-based newspapers into video media, the list of applications goes on and on.  Without hyperbole, this is revolutionary:






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  1. Bob

    Very interesting but seems a bit tame in many ways. There goal, I assume, is to provide something that is not readily available? It seems to me that what they have devised is simply a different way of presenting that which is already available to any well connected or somewhat savvy person of the 21st century. I saw it more like a meeting of the Apple community being shown what the newest iPod can do … something usually done by someone else but because it is done by Apple it is somehow transformed into something awe inspiring and new.

    Maybe if it could smell the air around the user and assist in predicting rather than siomply regurgitating information that was already fed into the “homebase.” I see this as a device that is less important than meets the eye and far less iportant … unless, of course, one looks at the potential for abuse … Orwellian style comes to mind; or the burning of books and reprinting via the internet whatever the politicos wish the book(s) to say. By then, who would know the difference?

    • sarahjeffers

      I think what is spectacular about this device, is the level at which it is starting. Imagine if this came on the market in 2010, then, like all other devices, became smaller, faster, with more applications. What would such a thing look like and be capable of in 10 years? Would it provide such immediate access that even a thin laptop would no longer be a necessity? Acessing the information we can now, but anywhere, anytime, without being encumbered- that truely will be revolutionary.

      I do agree with you about the “Orwellian” implications- privacy will be a big issue… Although, I do think that there will be some choice in being able to “block” other users from accessing information about you on the internet, much like social networking sites now.

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